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Introducing wallpaper… but not as you know it.

Where once wallpaper was an old and stuffy way of injecting colour and pattern into a space, fading with time and making homes feel somehow smaller, now interior styles and trends are changing. And the interior market is changing to match.

Wallpaper has become an effortless way of breathing some personality into your home – made all the more impactful by opting for just a single wallpaper feature wall.

Here at Feran, we are proud to offer a leading selection of wallpapers in Essex – delivering access to a wide range of styles and finishes.

Enhance your space with a wallpaper feature wall

A wallpaper feature wall can transform your space, adding personality and design flair amid the diverse selection of textures and patterns that we have available.

Whether you’re looking to add colour to a large and open plan neutral space, separate different rooms with their own unique aesthetic, or create some cohesion throughout your home with complimenting statement walls, wallpaper is a quick and easy way of unlocking delicate and often impressive finishes.

As you’ll soon discover when you start browsing the various wallpapers available, we are no longer talking bland lines, ridged edges and classic florals. The Essex wallpaper market has become intrinsically linked with the world of modern art, with ideas that are inspired by anything and everything.

Better still, modern wallpaper has embraced the modern affinity for texture and delivers a range of finishes which encompass smooth lines, soft touches and subtle textures for something stand out and unique.

A wallpaper feature wall isn’t just something to look at – it’s something to experience; elevating your entire home with an effortless but refined finish.

Selecting the right wallpaper for your home

Here at Feran, we make it as easy as possible for you to unlock the creative possibilities that can be achieved with wallpaper. With a wide selection of wallpaper books which invite you to touch, feel and compare different papers in different lights and settings, you can now get inspiration and find matches that you didn’t expect to fall in love with.

Your shortlist of potential wallpapers can then be transferred into samples by the Feran team, which you can take home and try out in the surroundings and setting of your inside space – seeing how the colours and textures interact with your environment.

For more information and to be one of the first to get your hands on our leading selection of wallpapers, simply book an appointment at Feran in Chelmsford Essex or drop in!

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