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A town which bridges the outer areas of London with the start of rural Essex, Epping is characterised by a number of features. Considered a popular and sought after place to live, its selection of residential areas is balanced by the expansive Epping Forest – a green space which provides dog walking trails and cycle routes with open fields and dense patches of woodland and trees.

A great place for families, couples, and single homeowners to call home, the variety in properties across Essex create a diverse demand in terms of fittings and furnishings. Luckily, here at Feran we’ve got a wide range of blinds and window coverings to suit all spaces and interior styles – from automatic blinds for bedrooms to decorative window framing covers for living areas and dining rooms.

Looking for the right blinds for your home? You’ve come to the right place.

The benefits of blinds for your home

Based in central Chelmsford, here at Feran we offer a wide range of blinds and are committed to providing our clients across Essex with window covering solutions which meet both their practical and aesthetic needs and expectations.

We often find that the main benefits of blinds vary depending on the room that is being dressed and the room which is being fitted. Some of the main benefits include enhancing the energy efficiency of the space, improving the aesthetics and décor, and ensuring plenty of privacy for families in their own home.

Another major benefit of blinds, especially those from our modern collection, is the versatility that comes with your choice. Blinds can be fitted to be opened and closed via a remote control or can be manually adjusted according to the light flow and need for privacy.

Finally, blinds make up such a large portion of the window covering marketplace, that there truly is a solution and option for every window in your home.

Selecting the right blinds for you

Here at Feran, we pride ourselves on combining access to the best blinds in Epping and beyond, with advice to help you find the right match for your home. With an eye to both aesthetics and functionality, we work with our clients to identify the following:

  • How many windows require blinds.
  • Window measurements – if you opt for our measuring and fitting service.
  • Colour palettes and the interior design schemes that you want to match.

Armed with this information, we can recommend everything from motorised blinds to traditional roman blinds, a selection of vertical or horizontal slat blinds, or something more unique to help frame your windows and breathe life into your home.

Add warmth to your home today

Blinds don’t just keep the outside world out – they also keep the warmth in and are ideal for adding a pop of colour or a segment of texture to a room with effortless ease.

Head to our showroom in Chelmsford or get in touch to discuss your needs, and let us help bring life and warmth to your home in Epping.

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