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We all know that there’s nothing better than sitting outside on a warm summer’s evening, sipping on a drink, or enjoying an alfresco dinner with friends and family, surrounded by nature and your refined and manicured outside space. But once the sun starts to set, the evening chill can set in quickly, dropping the temperature and making it difficult to see your drinks and your companions as the light fades.

Here at Feran, we’ve got you covered on both fronts with our collection of outdoor awnings complete with heating and lighting – the ideal solution for those times when you simply aren’t ready to leave yet, and when a little extra light and a little injection of warmth can prolong your alfresco evening well into the night.

How do our awnings with heating and lighting work?

Designed to be unintrusive, and integrated into the very structural build of the awning without taking up any extra space, our collection of electrically enhanced awnings make it easier than ever for homeowners to brighten up their outside space and make it both welcoming and comfortable.

Operated via a switch or remote control, we offer a variety of different light option, as well as heaters designed to exude infrared heat. This style of heating is more targeted and, rather than heating the surrounding air, directs heat straight at the users and those sitting in the immediate area. This creates a much more comfortable heat which is impactful and helps to alleviate wasted energy. 

You may be wondering what the benefit of such a sophisticated awning is. After all, most outside spaces are fitted with external light fittings and can benefit from a range of different sizes patio heaters which are brought out and used as required.

The main benefit of these awnings with integrated features is that they minimise the need for and use of excessive floor space – instead keeping your surrounding area neat and manicured, by elevating the tools and technology required into the awning above your head. Rather than a standalone patio heater which offers targeted heat to a very small surrounding area, a heated awning ensures that the heat is more evenly distributed among those directly under the awning, making it a much better use of energy and more efficient investment.

And we can’t discuss the benefits without considering the aesthetic presentation of all our awnings, which are designed to complement your space and are available in a broad array of colours and patterns to suit any and every outside space. Whether you want an awning which will stand out and inject colour into your outside space, or something subtle and softer, we’ve got the selection for you.

And that’s not all. With homeowners and buyers more attuned than ever before to the desire for inside-outside dining and versatile living spaces, adding a pergola to your garden can be considered a high value investment that increases the overall value of your property. Just as you would expect from a high quality shed or summer house, a pergola is a functional addition to the home which enhances the look and usability of your garden to great effect.

Get in touch with the Feran team to find out which of our outdoor awnings are best suited to your home.

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