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Based in Chelmsford, here at Feran we work with customers and clients on a residential and commercial scale across Essex – ranging from the riverside retreats of Maldon, to the busier hotspots of Rochford and beyond.

Rochford is one location which is growing in demand for interior blinds, as the growing number of new builds join the renovations which are seeing both traditional and modern houses brought to life by homeowners who want to inject a little of their own personality across the space.

For us, blinds connect the practical benefits of window coverings with the unique ability to add character and charm to the entire room. A way of optimising the privacy of your rooms, enhancing the insulating properties of your windows, and adding an element of aesthetic décor to the space, adding professionally sourced and fitted blinds allows you to make each room your own.

Here’s how the process works when you choose blinds for your home in Rochford from Feran.

Connecting your interior blinds with your lifestyle

The first thing we do when we work with any new client is book a consultation to get to know them, their home life, and what they want from their blinds. Some customers come to us seeking a complete overhaul throughout their home, while others simply want to enhance a single room or interior space.

Whatever the goal, our job is to help them identify the main priorities and select blinds which suit the look of their home and their lifestyle – considering the practical benefits including insulation and privacy, as well as light blocking, adding colour, and enhancing the textures of each room.

We then measure the windows where blinds are required, and depending on the style of blinds requested, bring to life the chosen fabric or material. We then install the blinds, ensuring that they receive the right aftercare attention and advice on how to ensure their blinds remain clean and in the best possible condition.

The benefits of window blinds in Rochford

So, why blinds?

For most homeowners, blinds offer a flexible way of covering the window and controlling the amount of light which comes in from the outside, while also making the window appear more stylish and put-together.

Adding blinds to any large window helps to frame the glass pane and instantly softens the angular edges and lines of the window. What’s more, adding a pop of colour or an infusion of texture helps to make the entire setting feel warmer and more welcoming – and acts as a layer of insulation to keep the warm in and the cold out.

Other benefits of installing professional blinds includes controlling the privacy and light settings during the day and night – with automated blinds benefitting from integrated motorisation which allows remote opening and closing.

If blinds are something you’d like to discuss with your local supplier in Rochford, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Feran.

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