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Update your window furnishings with motorised blinds

Feran offers an innovative selection of motorised blinds in Essex, with options for motorising your curtains too, giving you total control at the touch of a button. 

Who needs motorised blinds?

Anyone who is looking to revamp their home or business premises can benefit from motorised blinds. Motorised blinds are easy to install and look incredibly stylish once they’re in place. For families with little ones, you’ll find that they’re one of the safest options available as there are no cords that could otherwise be dangerous. 

For older people and those with additional needs, motorised blinds are extremely convenient as you don’t need to get up from your chair to open or close them, you can simply adjust your motorised blinds from wherever you’re seated. 

How do motorised blinds work?

Feran offers a variety of motorised products that are available in both battery or hard-wired options depending on your preference and your configuration. Many of our blinds can be teamed up with your home entertainment systems, offering control of your curtains and blinds from your mobile phone or a simple hand held remote. If you have more than one set of blinds, then these can be configured to work from the same device so you don’t have too many remotes to operate. 

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*At Feran, we prioritise functionality and safety, which is why every blind made by Feran complies with the latest child safety laws and regulations. All our blinds are designed with the safety of children in mind, with cordless and motorised options also available.

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