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Dressing your interior windows has never been easier with the help of Feran’s window blinds in Chelmsford. Working with customers to create tailored solutions for their homes, we have blinds suitable for vast windows illuminating open plan spaces, all the way through to cosy and comfortable home offices and bedrooms.

As the local experts, we’ve built a solid reputation as your leading supplier of window coverings. Blinds are now considered among our most versatile and popular products, which are not only affordable but attractive and timeless in their design – able to be matched alongside your existing interior décor, colour palettes, and more.

Here’s why so many Chelmsford residents are choosing window blinds for their Chelmsford homes.

The benefits of window blinds Chelmsford

With window blinds encapsulating such a broad slice of the window covering marketplace, it’s not hard to see why they have become so popular. From fabric shades to slat blinds that enable the homeowner to adjust their privacy setting and access to light manually or via an automated mechanism, blinds have a positive impact on the way a space is enjoyed and used, as well as its presentation.

Some of the top benefits heralded by existing customers here at Feran include:

  • High level privacy, homeowners can open and close their blinds as required. Ask about our automated blinds for more information on the integrated mechanism that enables remote control access to open and closed blinds.
  • A pop of colour / soft and design-centric finish which compliments and/or breathes life into your space. With so many finishes available, we have the perfect blinds for all interiors.
  • Effective insulation – adding an extra layer between windows and your interior space during the winter months and blocking out the sunlight and heat during the summer.
  • Affordable and ideal for space saving. As blinds sit close to the surface of the window, they do not take up as much space as curtains, making them not only financially more affordable but also better in terms of maximising the use of floor space.

Identifying the best window blinds for your home

Here at Feran, we design, create, and sell window blinds to customers who want to bridge the function of their space with its style and interior design. When you opt for our timeless window blinds, you can enjoy a full spectrum of window coverage which spans from completely privacy to the adjustable blinds as required – allowing sunlight to filter through which retaining a level of distance from the outside world.

Whether you choose a full fabric covering which is lowered down over the window or opt for the adjustable slat blinds that often adorn living spaces and kitchens, you will have no problem finding the perfect window blind for you in our range of different colours, patterns, and styles.

Visit us to discuss window blinds in our Chelmsford store, or head on over to our website to browse available blinds and window covering solutions.

*At Feran, we prioritise functionality and safety, which is why every blind made by Feran complies with the latest child safety laws and regulations. All our blinds are designed with the safety of children in mind, with cordless and motorised options also available.


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