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Energy Efficient Blinds

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Energy efficiency has become somewhat of a buzzword in 2022, with the promise of increased bills over winter causing many homeowners to seek alternative means of heating their homes and keeping their families warm.

One method that many experts are recommending is an increase in insulating fabrics and installations. Our energy efficient blinds are an investment which not only keeps the warm air in but also adds to the aesthetic of your interior space.

How Feran blinds can boost the energy efficiency of your home

Adding a layer of fabric to the interior of your windows acts as a draught excluder, as it keeps the cold air out and the warm air in. While some blinds and structures are undoubtedly more effective than others at adding an extra layer of insulation to your home, the fact is that any material draped over or hung in front of the windows will keep the warm in. If you want to maximise the cosiness of your home, we recommend investing in made-to-measure blinds that perfectly fit your window.

*At Feran, we prioritise functionality and safety, which is why every blind made by Feran complies with the latest child safety laws and regulations. All our blinds are designed with the safety of children in mind, with cordless and motorised options also available.

Here at Feran Blinds, we offer a variety of blinds to suit a variety of customer tastes and needs. Some of the most energy efficient blinds are those which provide full coverage across your window when closed, reaching from the top of the window frame to the base of the window and beyond – in many cases, all the way to the floor. This kind of coverage ensures that cold air cannot flow beneath or above the blinds into your room, retaining that warm air is the key to keeping your home cosy this winter.

Our energy efficient duette blinds are up there among the most popular home solutions with customers. Thanks to their ease of use and their honeycomb structure, which creates a pocket of air to trap the heat.

While the addition of window blinds is not going to completely alleviate the need for heating in your home, our blinds will reduce the amount of warm air that is lost and displaced by cold air from around your windowpanes and doors. By helping to keep the cold air out, energy efficient blinds save you from needing to heat your home from scratch every day and help to retain a comfortable temperature throughout your home.

At Feran, we boast a made-to-measure service which invites customers to select the ideal material, fabric finish, colour, and fit for their home and varying interior spaces. We make it easier than ever to invest in blinds that optimise both energy efficiency and aesthetic value.

For more information on our energy efficient blinds and to explore how they can help you save money this winter, get in touch with us today.

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