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Do you find that the position and movement of the sun makes working in your home office impossible at certain points of the day, or that the glare on your television screen makes afternoon viewing impossible?

Does the sun have an annoying habit of shining directly into your kitchen when you’re cooking, making the space far too hot for food prep?

Our collection of drop arm awnings is designed to alleviate all these challenges and more, by offering an adjustable and removable shade which stretches down over specific windows of your property to block the direct glare of the sun – without completely covering the window. Keep reading to find out the benefits of our drop arm awnings, and whether they could be the solution to your home office, living space, or bedroom needs.

The benefits of drop arm awnings

A drop arm awning presents a degree of flexibility which many classic awnings do not – both about the placement of the awning and the way it is used. Named for the arms of the awning which can be dropped to achieve the right angle which will keep the direct glare of the sun away from your window, a drop arm awning is a versatile solution to a problem that many homeowners face.

And the benefits don’t end there. Drop arm awnings are available in a range of sizes with different finishes on both the metal frame and the awning itself – enabling homeowners to select the design and style which complements and best suits their home.

Best of all, because they are fixed to the outside of the property and can be adjusted in terms of the way they deflect the sun’s glare away from a window, they are better suited to living spaces where you want to shield the room from direct sunlight but without shutting it out completely.

Drop arm awnings are exceptionally useful on a sunny day or when you want to shield your window from adverse weather conditions, and are surprisingly unintrusive on those days when you want to let the sunshine in. Fixed by a bracket above your door or window, with arms fixed to the wall at either side of the window or door to hold the awning in position, the concept is incredibly simple and allows for easy adjustment depending on the weather and your individual needs.

Once installed, awnings can be removed from the bracket during the winter months, ensuring that you can maximise their lifespan and keep them inside during the coldest and most adverse weather spells.

Based in Essex, here at Feran, we offer a range of drop arm awnings for all homes and properties – featuring different sizes, designs, and fixings for all your shading needs. To find out more and to receive a tailored quote, get in touch with us today.

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