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A popular seaside city on the coast of Essex, Southend bridges access to both the coast and water’s edge with excellent access to London and to the surrounding towns and villages of rural Essex. Home to a vast and diverse array of properties, from seaside flats to sprawling detached homes situated in the middle of acres of land, our client portfolio in Southend is vast and has seen our selection of blinds used to complete different interior settings and designs.

Whether you want to add coastal vibes to your home or benefit from a variety of blackout blinds and more decorative window covers, our selection of blinds are created with residential properties in mind – with the team well versed in connecting customer homes with the best blinds for you.

The benefits of blinds for your home

When selecting the best blinds for your home, we urge our customers to consider three things.

  1. The number and size of windows in your property
  2. The way the room is used / how important it is that you control natural light
  3. Colour palettes and interior design schemes

All of these are important because the blinds that you use to frame and cover your windows contribute to both the aesthetic look of your home and its functional use. Not only do the blinds in your bedroom or living space help you to control the amount of light and privacy of the setting, but they also double as decorative accessories.

The benefits are thus wide-ranging and encompass the effortless design of interior blinds as well as the functional ability to control light and privacy when you want to. In addition, many of our clients are increasingly drawn to the energy efficiency of different blinds, considering how blinds can help to keep the warmth of the home inside during colder months, and retain well shaded areas during the summer months.

How you achieve all of these benefits, will depend on the type and style of blinds that you choose, which is where our broad collection comes into its own.

Different types of blinds available to our customers in Southend

Here at Feran, we pride ourselves on offering customers a comprehensive array of blinds which are designed to suit all different locations in the home, and different types of home.

Our collection includes roman blinds, vertical and horizontal slat blinds, and motorised blinds – all with their own benefits and unique selling points for customers. The location and primary use of the blinds will dictate which you choose, with roman blinds an ideal solution for a window which required decorative framing above all else, while motorised blinds are particularly beneficial for hard-to-reach windows and those which you want to open and close regularly and with ease.

Finding the right blinds for your home in Southend

The right set of blinds can help to maximise your view of the seafront in Southend, while also granting you the privacy of your own space. For more information on our different blinds and how to identify the best ones for your home, get in touch with our team today.


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