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The rise in popularity of outdoor entertaining, with homeowners bridging the gap between their inside and outside spaces, means that outdoor structures and shelters have become more popular than ever. One particular trend which is sweeping across the market in Essex and beyond revolves around garden pergolas – standalone structures which provide an area of cover in your garden or patio, perfect for shaded al fresco dining and entertaining.

What is a garden pergola?

A structure which increases the value of your property by connecting your inside and outside spaces through a versatile covering, a pergola is a great way of enhancing the look and enjoyment of your garden in Essex.

Functional all year round, protecting you from both the glare of the sun in summer and the damp and rain during the wet winter seasons, investing in a pergola installation offers a space between your living area and your garden which can be used for a variety of purposes. Adding electrical fittings and mechanical shades further maximise the balance between pergolas as a classic and a modern addition to your home – with Feran boasting a range of different options to help you to make the most of your pergola and the surrounding space. 

Not only does a garden pergola facilitate a comfortable area for outdoor dining and seating, but it also breaks up the aesthetic presentation of your outside space – creating an area which mimics the shelter and comfort of inside but amid the natural surroundings of your garden. Protecting you from the elements come rain or shine, a pergola can become a garden feature which is both timeless in design and also infinitely modern in terms of its materials and structure – with homeowners about to select their ideal finishes, colours, and details according to their space.

And that’s not all. With homeowners and buyers more attuned than ever before to the desire for inside-outside dining and versatile living spaces, adding a pergola to your garden can be considered a high value investment that increases the overall value of your property. Just as you would expect from a high quality shed or summer house, a pergola is a functional addition to the home which enhances the look and usability of your garden to great effect.

A garden pergola is so much more than just a feature to sit between your fence line and flower beds. With the market around outdoor furniture more widespread than ever before, a pergola provides a shelter for all the seasons, allowing you to design and bring to life an outdoor space that you can be proud of – for everything from al fresco dining to remote working, reading, relaxing, and entertaining friends and family.

With such a diverse range of pergolas available in all sizes and colours, from standalone structures to those which fix to your property and expand your living space outwards, here at Feran we are ready to help you find and install your ideal pergola in Essex.

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