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Maldon might be known for its sea salt, its quaint cottages with views over the Dengie and beyond, and its plethora of quirky cafes and small businesses – but when it comes to curating and furnishing your perfect home, you’ll find you want to strike a balance between traditional finishes and modern benefits.

With a vast range of window coverings and blinds available for Maldon properties and homes, it couldn’t be easier to find the right fit and finish for your windows. Even as the town continues to grow amid new developments, personalising and making your home your own forms a major part of our business – and is something we work with all customers to achieve.

Selecting the right blinds for you

The first thing we ask all of our customers is how many windows they need to cover, before moving onto the size of the windows and their configuration within each room and the home as a whole.

Depending on the location of the window and its position with regards to natural daylight and public places, it’s important to consider the way that blinds offer shade from direct sunlight as well as maximising privacy. Other things to consider include your colour scheme and how you can best emphasis your interior design ideas, and whether you want your blinds to be opened and closed manually or automatically.

Why our customers in Maldon love our blinds

Many of the properties in Maldon boast original features and character which lends itself to more traditional furnishings and fittings. Our selection of blinds include traditional roman blinds and more modern motorised blinds, though the mechanics can be disguised and integrated into the design to bridge function with style.

Another thing worth considering is the colour and detail of your chosen blinds, with many more modern homeowners opting for neutral and minimalist designs which maximise their use of texture over colour and patterning.

Finally, the design of the blinds and the way they fit can allow them to support energy efficiency, keeping the heat of a room in and minimising your energy bills.

So, with so much to consider, what do you do next?

The next steps to finding your perfect blinds

Working with our clients on old properties, new builds, and terraced homes alike, we have experience in dressing the largest, most ornate, and the simplest windows – with blinds for all settings and occasions.

Get in touch with us to browse our collection and to find out the difference between our various solutions, to help you find the right fit for your home in Maldon.


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