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Come rain or shine, electric awnings offer a way of enjoying your outside space while sheltering from the rain, sun, UV rays, and other conditions. With the UK weather a constant guessing game, with showers appearing from nowhere and with hot spells turning British gardens into mini oases of warmth regularly throughout the summer, having a flexible and versatile solution which creates additional shaded and covered spots is a great way to make your garden usable all year round.

Electric awnings embody the style and design of traditional cassette awnings, but with a sleek modern design which is entirely operated by mechanical arms that stretch, extend, and retract as often and as far as you need them to. Could an electric awnings be exactly what you’ve been looking for? Read on to find out.

How do electric awnings work?

Electric awnings typically work at the touch of a button, like so much of the modern life and accessories that we have become so used to. Whether you want to create a shady spot on a summer day or ensure that your outdoor dining area benefits from its adjustable ceiling for al fresco meals and entertaining, electric awnings offer an accessible way of transforming your outside space as per your needs – with the electric function enabling you to adjust the settings on your awning remotely and with ease.      Our awnings also have the option of adding a wind/vibration sensor, so you can be sure your awning will retract by itself, minimising damage on the windiest days.

You only must look at the British weather to recognise the benefits of having a retractable and extendable awning fitted to the outside wall of your home – but what other benefits are there that come with electric awnings?

For one thing, electric awnings are stylish and allow you to benefit from shading or cover without impacting the physical layout of your garden or patio. Where umbrella stands and table-mounted umbrellas offer limited shading from the canvas surrounding the central pole, electric awnings are much more streamlined in their design and offer a larger surface of shade with absolutely no footprint on your outside space. If you’ve got the wall, we’ve got the right awning for you.

Another benefit of electric awnings in particular is that they are incredibly effective at reducing heat flow into the room, which will help keep your home cool on those summer days, and protect your furniture from any sun fading.

Here at Feran, we offer a range of electric awnings in all shapes and sizes, with fabric colours and covers to suit the boldest, wildest, and most modern gardens and outdoor spaces. Let us help you to transform your garden into the kind of space that both you and your family and friends want to spend time in.

Visit us at our store in Chelmsford to discuss all your requirements, and to book an appointment.

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