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Why should I hire a professional blinds supplier?

Most clients and customers have a vision for how they want their home to look, with ideas around colour palette and the style they want to see throughout their interior. From modern spaces to eclectic bedrooms, light and airy living areas, and professional looking home offices, one of the underrated but important focus points of any interior space is the window – and more important, what frames that window.

Which is where our blinds in Chelmsford come in.

A professional supplier based out of our store in the centre of Chelmsford, we work with clients across Essex to bridge style with convenience, and to help them benefit from the practical and aesthetic selling points of professional blinds. But what is it that you get from a professional supplier, that you can’t identify and fit yourself?

Here are three reasons to hire a professional blinds supplier.

1. We help identify the blinds which have an impact without overwhelming the space

One of the reasons why customers come to us is to create a standout feature which compliments the surrounding space. That is, they want blinds which will stand out for all the right reasons, utilising a combination of texture and colour to breathe life into the surroundings without making it feel too busy or too dark.

This sometimes means exploring different styles of blinds, from wooden venetian blinds to fabric roman blinds – and sometimes encompasses colour as well as textural detail.

2. We have access to different styles, textures, and finishes

Following on from the last point, undoubtedly one of the leading benefits of a professional blinds supplier is the access to a wide selection of different fabrics and finishes. Far from selecting from what you can find online or in a store, a professional supplier will work with you to identify the look which will work best in your home and will recommend different finishes until you find the perfect match for you.

There is no finish too bright, too dark, or too textured for us – as we have access to an unrivalled selection perfection for every home.

3. We help to prioritise the benefits for different interior spaces

Most of our clients are aware of some of the benefits linked with interior blinds; from the way they elevate the look of windows, to the insulating properties and the fact that interior blinds enhance your privacy and the retention of heat inside the home. But working with a professional blinds supplier grants you the benefit of prioritising those different features – working out which to factor into each space throughout your home. This enables you to optimise privacy in exposed rooms while focussing on insulating properties where they matter most.

As a professional blinds supplier in Essex, we work across properties of all shapes and sizes and can help to match your budget and needs with the best tailormade solutions for you. Get in touch for more information.

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