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Which Curtain Heading Is Best For Your Home?

With so many different window coverings available, from curtains to blinds, shutters and more, finding the right fit and finish for each room in your home can be more difficult than it sounds.

Far from being an antiquated option which is being phased out in favour of other window coverings, curtains are becoming increasingly popular across homes in Essex, as homeowners look to soften the edges of modern spaces and add texture in the form of curtains and other soft furnishings.

As a leading supplier of curtains in Essex, we often communicate the importance of fabric and textures when selecting curtains. But one area which is often overlooked is the curtain heading and how curtains are hung from the rail.

What are curtain headings and why are they important?

Curtain headings sit along the top of the curtain and provide a unique finish depending on the heading style. As well as the functional impact of your chosen heading, the option you choose also affects the way the fabric falls and the way the curtains look both when open and when closed across a window.

When selecting a curtain heading, we tend to encourage clients to first consider the fabric of their curtains and the way they want the fabric to hang, and then look at the functional benefits of the different headings, and the overall look of the curtains.

Here are some of our most popular curtain headings at Feran.

The different types of curtain headings available

  • Eyelets, ideal for thick fabric with large folds. A modern fitting which is used by many homeowners in Essex, creating deep folds and clean lines. Only suitable for curtain poles, not tracks, as the pole goes through the eyelet holes.
  • Pinch Pleat, a classic luxurious look which is suitable for pretty much all fabrics. The heading is pleated up in groups of three, and is our most popular heading.
  • Twin Pleat, a decorative curtain heading similar to pinch pleat, but pleats in twos giving a slightly more modern look and using a bit less fabric.
  • Goblet Heading, an ornate finish which is particularly coveted in formal dining rooms and living rooms. Featuring a rounded design which falls from each pole hook, this heading is also suitable for track fittings where necessary.
  • Wave Fitting, suitable only for curtain tracks rather than poles. The results of a wave fitting are incredibly modern and regimented, presenting a uniform finish.

Choosing the right curtains and curtain headings for your home

With all of the above available at Feran, as well as countless different fabrics and finishes for all the rooms and spaces in your home, finding the right curtain heading and fabric couldn’t be easier.

As far as headings go, our number one tip is to bridge function and practical design with how you want your curtains to look. Different headings facilitate different textures and create different lines and folds in the fabric – so taking the time to select the one which best suits both your curtain fabric and your interior space will ensure you get the right fit.

For more advice like this and to browse the different curtains and curtain headings available, head to Feran in Chelmsford.

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