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Where Can Roman Blinds Be Installed?

The draped aesthetic of roman blinds means that, first and foremost, they add a sense of elegance to your windows. Contrary to popular belief, fabric blinds can offer the same luxurious finish as sweeping curtains, with roman blinds being a popular solution in terms of combined functionality and style.

In this blog, we’re talking installation and the specifics around where roman blinds can be used – including a little insight into how they are put up in and around the home.

The uses of roman blinds

The first thing you need to note about roman blinds is that they can be crafted and made in almost any fabric and colour that you wish, and so in terms of aesthetic presentation, they really can be made to suit any space.

Roman blinds can be installed inside or outside of the recess of almost any given window, the flexibility granted by roman blinds in terms of use are expansive – however, there are a few tips we share with our customers with regard to maintenance. As roman blinds are made using fabric, they may not be the best option for a bathroom or high humidity space in your home. Likewise, the fabric can soak up the smells of food and cooking, and so while they soften the aesthetic and angular lines of a kitchen, maintenance can be more challenging.

Aside from that, the child safe chain enables roman blinds to be drawn or closed, which means that they are more than just a decorative frame across the top of your window – with blackout lining able to be added to enhance the efficiency of your blinds at night to keep out a significant amount of external light sources and to maximise privacy. They can also be motorised to work with systems such as Alexa.

The versatility of roman blinds means they can be crafted to sit inside or outside of the recess of your window – with the former offering a more polished and refined look while the latter is more relaxed and makes the most of your chosen design across the fabric. Bring any window to life with the use of our roman blinds. Whether you want to update your homes aesthetic or optimise your access to privacy and darkness at night, our team at Feran are here to help. We can make bespoke roman blinds to suit your space according to your design preference and measurements. More information available on our website – as well as tips for selecting the best blinds, fabrics, and colours for you.

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