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What value do awnings bring to a property?

When it comes to designing and bringing to life your perfect home, are you more of an inside or an outside person?

With the help of Feran, you can now create the perfect blend of indoor-outdoor living, with covered and weather-proof patios supported by our range of tailored awnings in Essex – available in a range of styles, sizes, colours, and finishes.

What is an awning?

An awning is an external structure which pulls away from the walls of your home to create a shaded area underneath which you can rest, relax, and enjoy time outside without being directly in the face of the weather.

Perfect for rainy and sunny spots alike, our collection of modern awnings are fully operational via an electric control, with the fully retractable design of the structure meaning that they are just as easy and accessible as putting up an umbrella or heading back inside.

Here at Feran, we believe that indoor-outdoor living is the future of the modern home, and that the very best homes are those that optimise, utilise, and create the perfect space for every member of the family.

The benefits of awnings

Have you ever run from the car to your front or back door and found yourself fumbling for the key, getting soaked by the rain or overheating in the sun? An awning creates a form of shelter around your patio which protects you from all weather conditions, and which is fully retractable for those days when you just want to let the sunshine in.

Some of the main benefits of an awning from Feran are:

  • Design-focused – Say goodbye to outdated patio umbrellas and hello to a new, stylish and infinitely modern home concept which units the lightweight and high quality value of great fabric with the benefits of modern technology.
  • Non-invasive – Our awnings can be fixed at any height and can be pulled out as far as you need them to – meaning that they can be used to create an outdoor living and relaxing space without impeding on your garden footprint or use of grass / patio.
  • Long lasting – Not only is the fabric durable and built to withstand adverse weather conditions – Feran awnings are also able to withstand the effect of direct sunlight on the colour of the material, so your awning never looks tired or faded.
  • Cost effective – An awning is a cost effective way of adding extra shelter to your garden space in the form of a temporary structure. Not to mention, here at Feran our awnings can be optimised with built-in heating, lights, and other features.
  • They optimise your use of outside space – When it comes to adding value to a property, the more you can do to support comfortable living the better. An awning creates a versatile and flexible outdoor space which can be covered or left open according to preference and individual requirement.

Best of all, with the help and support of our team here at Feran, finding your perfect awning has never been easier or more enjoyable. Let us help you to build and design and home of your dreams and turn your outside space into the perfect blend of comfortable but stylish living.

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