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The Benefits of Window Shutters

From making your interior space more private to shutting out daylight, or simply enhancing the style and elegance of your windows, window shutters are a simple but aesthetically pleasing solution – with our window shutters available in a range of finishes, colours, and sizes to suit every window.

But with so many options out there to maintain your privacy and frame your windows, what is it about window shutters which makes them so popular with the modern homeowner? In this blog, we identify some of the benefits of shutters and how they can make your interior design pop.

Introducing Feran – the window shutter experts in Essex

Here at Feran, we work with our clients and customers to ensure that every window shutter is made to measure and finished to your desired specification – from hardwood to more affordable options like MDF.

And from that comes the first benefit of our window shutters in Essex: the diverse range of possible finishes and aesthetic looks.

Simple but elegant aesthetic

With window shutters made to measure and fit inside your window frame, the end result is very streamlined; seamlessly integrating into the space. Whether you opt for a single shutter mechanism or tier on tier to create different areas that can be controlled separately, the timeless nature of shutters means that they look at home in modern or more traditional homes.

Enhanced privacy without impacting your access to natural light

Shutters can be made with or without a rod to allow them to be open completely, closed completely, or left somewhere in the middle. While curtains are either open or closed, and fabric blinds offer a single block to cover your windows, our shutters enhance privacy and cut the view into your home from outside, while still allowing natural light to flood into your space through the gaps between each slat.

And of course, when it comes to evening time and you want to create some ambience, simply adjust the slats to allow just enough moonlight in to set the right mood.

Easy to maintain and clean

There’s nothing worse than realising that your curtains or fabric blinds have stains or have become dyed in the sunlight – but with our window shutters, cleaning is easier than ever. Simply wipe each slat to get that fresh and newly fitted look every day.

Sound control

Believe it or not, our window shutters aren’t just great at keeping your home safe from prying eyes – they also act as an extra sound barrier to keep external noise out and your own conversation in.

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