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Roman Blinds: How they add value to a home

Whether you’re looking to enhance your privacy, create a cosy environment to relax in or add some fabric details to soften your living space and interior decorating, roman blinds are a versatile and stylish addition to your windows. 

But besides creating an interior framing for your windows and giving you a stylish means of shutting away the outside world, what are the long term benefits of roman blinds? 

The benefits of Roman Blinds

Roman blinds are constructed from pleats of fabric, which is mounted to the top of your window and unfolds downward when closed. With a neat and tidy presentation when open, the mechanics of roman blinds mean that the aesthetic is timeless – framing your window and view to your outside space with a layer of fabric in your chosen colour and design. 

For those who opt for roman blinds, one of the main benefits especially when compared with curtains is the lightweight finish and minimalist aesthetic created by roman blinds. While curtains present an often heavy frame which conceals both sides of the window frame, roman blinds are a much lighter alternative – moving away from the excess of fabric which can make a room feel and look smaller than it is. 

Other benefits include: 

  • Because roman blinds are constructed simply from a stretch of fabric, there is no limit on design or personalisation with regards to the colour and pattern of your chosen blinds. 
  • Blackout lining can be used enabling you to block out more light when the blind is down. 
  • Roman blinds are a modern alternative to curtains, and can last for years. 

Increase the value of your home with Roman Blinds

If you want to sell your home, small details and interior features can quickly transform a house into a home and make your property somewhere that others want to live. 

When you opt for a timeless and stylish feature like roman blinds, you showcase the size of your windows and the amount of natural light that each room benefits from – drawing attention to windows as a statement and framing them in a classic and modern way. 

From the enhanced accessibility and ease of use that comes with roman blinds, to the simple fact that roman blinds look expensive but are usually more cost effective than a set of full length curtains. When you integrate roman blinds into your home you create the perfect blank canvas upon which future buyers can see themselves living. 

For more information on roman blinds, the various styles and designs we offer, and to receive a tailored quote – whether for one window or ten – get in touch with us directly. 

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