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How to clean and maintain roman blinds

A highly decorative solution for those looking to enhance their privacy while also benefitting from a decorative addition to the windows throughout their home, roman blinds are made from fabric which is pleated at the top of the window and can be rolled down over the window as required.

Of course, while roman blinds are among the most popular window covering solutions that we offer, there is one question that many homeowners bring to the table when selecting the best finish for them – and it revolves around cleaning and maintenance.

How to clean roman blinds

The best way to clean your roman blinds is to first close them as far as you can – extending the fabric out so that you have a simple canvas to work with rather than navigating the curves and folds in the fabric.

Starting at the top, focus your attention on the fittings of your blinds first and brush or vacuum downwards. Most of the dust will be collected around the top of your blinds, so clean downwards to avoid getting dust on areas of the fabric that you have already cleaned.

Maintaining your roman blinds so they withstand the test of time

You don’t have to be an expert to know that fabric fades in the sunlight, no matter how vibrant the pattern and use of colour. One of the best ways to maintain roman blinds and keep them looking their best is to make sure your blinds are lined. At Feran we always line our roman blinds with a cotton sateen, and interlining which provides an extra layer of protection.

In addition, maintenance requires regular cleaning – putting into practice all the steps and tips outlined above and preventing the build-up of dust rather than fighting stubborn marks and settled dust after an extended period of time.

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