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How are curtains measured?

The perfect curtains will not only look great and compliment the surrounding style of your interior space, they will also aid noise absorption, add an extra layer of insulation inside your windows, and will boost the privacy in your home.

Of course, for your curtains to provide all these benefits and more, they need to fit the window properly – and that’s where this short guide comes in. Use this guide to help you identify the best way to measure for different styles of curtains, using advice from our experts at our showroom in Chelmsford.

All you need to know about measuring curtains

One of the biggest things that customers often overlook is the relationship between the size of their window and the size that curtains need to be. Whether you opt for a single curtain or for two curtains which hang at either side, there needs to be enough excess of material that the curtains cover the full breadth of the window with some slack in the fabric.

The same is true of the height and drop of curtains. Remember that the pole or fitting sits above the window frame and so your curtains need to be long enough to incorporate the fitting itself and reach down past the bottom window frame for full coverage.

Without this full coverage, your curtains will not provide the optimum privacy or insulation, nor will they look as perfectly presented as they could. As such, it is important to remember that more is more – and that your curtains likely need to be bigger than you expect.

How are curtains measured by our curtain experts?

Getting accurate measurements for curtains is a form of art for experts like our team at Feran. Taking care to identify the placement of the curtain pole or rail, and the perfect finished length to compliment your window.

The measuring phase of every new project and curtain fitting comes after a consultation with the client, during which we will find out their ideal finish, how they want the curtains to sit both when open and closed, and what their ideal curtain heading is – whether pleat or eyelet, or something else.

For more information on bringing your own home to life with made to measure curtains, and to speak to one of our team members, get in touch today.

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