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A Guide to Choosing Window Coverings

Here at Feran, we have worked with fabrics and window coverings since 1969, when our founder Jeff decided to turn his artistic training and high end experience into a local business for commercial and domestic property owners in Essex.

Combining the functional benefits of curtains, blinds, and shutters with the unrivalled aesthetic of a window covering that’s made to measure and perfectly compliment an interior space, here at Feran we run one of the leading curtain shops in Essex. So much so that we have compiled a guide, to help you choose the best window coverings for you.

The importance of convenience and accessibility

One of the most important, yet completely underrated considerations among those selecting window coverings, is the need for convenience and accessibility. It is no use having manually operated blinds on a window which you can’t reach – just like it’s no good having curtains in a room where the drapes of fabric prevent doors from being opened every time that they are open or closed. Convenience is such a crucial thing to consider when selecting any functional or decorative dressing in your home – with our range of motorised and manually operated curtains, blinds, and shutters all ensuring that homeowners can access the benefits of their chosen window dressing with ease.

TOP TIP: Consider motorised blinds for hard to reach spaces such as kitchen sink windows or stairwells.

What kind of style do you want – and how much space do you have?

Curtains, blinds, and shutters all boast their own unique aesthetic – and each bring their own benefits and drawbacks to the setting.

Curtains are great for softening your inside space and work especially well in a modern home where the edges are very clear cut and the lines surrounding your space are straight and angular. However, they take up the most space and can make a room feel smaller and more compact if you don’t achieve the perfect balance.

Blinds are an ideal option for smaller spaces and provide the versatility of being open or closed – not to mention they can also boost the energy efficiency of a property and are available via motorised installation as well as a standard manual fitting.

Shutters are a contemporary option which bridge rustic design and modern finishes – and are made from a range of wood-effect materials depending on your budget and ideal finish. Classic and timeless in design.

Do you need help?

You may have an idea of what you want your interior space to look like when it’s done, but do you really know how to achieve it? Our team of professionals are here to match your end result with the materials and fittings needed to make it happen – and can offer functional and practical advice as well as hands-on support and inspiration. For more information, get in touch with us directly.

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