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Everything you need to know about motorised blinds

The number one solution to achieving night and day at the click of a button, motorised blinds combine the convenience of modern living with the simplicity of a stylish and well balanced soft furnishing option.

In just one movement, homeowners can open or close their blinds in line with the atmosphere they are looking to create, with our motorised blinds available in a selection of finishes – from clean and classic fabric roman blinds to wooden venetians.

But how do motorised blinds work, and what are the benefits? In this blog, we share everything you need to know about this innovative new home concept.

How do motorised blinds work?

When you fit your blinds with a motorised system, they can be controlled via a remote control, or even your smartphone – alleviating the need for multiple cords and pulleys, and instead managing everything from one, seamless place. Best of all, multiple sets of blinds can all be operated from a single remote control.

Here at Feran, our team are experienced at fitting motorised blinds on windows of all heights, shapes, and sizes – bringing convenience to every home.

The benefits of motorised blinds

If you’re considering motorised blinds, you will already be aware of the convenience and ease with which these blinds can be operated. But did you know that typically, motorised blinds last much longer, offer a cleaner and more balanced aesthetic, and make accessibility easier for everyone?
Here are some of the main benefits and reasons why we recommend motorised blinds to our customers.

Long lasting blinds

By removing the need to tug and pull your blinds down or into your ideal position, you alleviate the risk of damage, wear and tear. The result? Longer lasting blinds.

Balanced aesthetic

How many times have you pulled a blind to the halfway open-halfway closed point and found it uneven and unbalanced? With motorised blinds, you get the perfect balance every time, in every position.

Quiet motor system

We can’t speak for every motorised blind out there, but here at Feran we place quality at the forefront of every product and solution. That’s why our motorised blinds are high functioning and quiet – ticking the boxes for a quality product and quality experience.

Automatic pre-sets

One of the main benefits of motorised blinds is that you don’t even have to be there to open them in the morning and close them at night. Use the automated pre-set system and ensure your blinds open and close at the right time every day, maximising your home security and access to natural light.

For more information on Feran’s motorised blinds in Essex, get in touch today for a consultation and quote.

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