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Do window shutters reduce heat?

We often hear talk about how effective curtains and other window coverings are at insulating the home and keeping it warm in the winter, but what about when the summer comes, and you want to keep the heat outside? In this blog, we’re exploring how our window shutters can keep your home cool and calm during the summer months – without losing their insulating properties in the winter.

The benefits of window shutters

Sleek and elegant in design, offering the kind of minimalist aesthetic that is so popular with modern homeowners, shutters offer an effective and versatile way of keeping your home private, while optimising the flow of light or the retention of a dark environment as preferred.

In addition to their effectiveness as a window covering, shutters are versatile in the way that they can be controlled and manage to provide full coverage without intruding on floorspace in your home – making them ideal for small and large homes alike.

Another benefit refers to the ability of window shutters to keep unwanted noise out, and heat in – but can they do the opposite and keep the heat out on hot days?

Do window shutters keep the heat out in the summer?

Adding any form of cover over your windows will help to keep direct sunlight from penetrating your inside spaces and heating them up too much over the summer months, but window shutters are particularly effective at doing this in a way which is versatile in its usability, and which also presents a clean and minimalist aesthetic.

There’s a reason why so many homes in the Mediterranean and other hot climates have shutters over each window, and it’s because the combination of shady interiors and insulation help to create the retain the climate you want in your home.

Best of all, this works in complete reverse during the winter months, when you want to keep inside at all costs and ensure that the cold air doesn’t get in.

Shutter-out the heat with Feran

Here at Feran, we offer a selection of blinds and window coverings for all homes, interiors, and occasions – including shutters which can keep the heat in or out depending on the season. For more information, reach out to us directly or visit our website.

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