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Can shutters be custom-made?

From softening the aesthetic of a modern living space, to optimising your privacy in the bedroom, and adding a functional yet stylish finish to your bathrooms, shutters are elegantly simple in their presentation and can be fixed to both internal and external windows in all manner of different ways.

Embodying the visual concept of shutters as something luxurious which adds charm and character to a property, here at Feran we offer a selection of shutters in Essex in different materials which can be fixed for purely decorative delight or as part of the functionality of your windows.

But what are the benefits of shutters in a modern home, and can they be custom-made to suit your ideal requirements?

Why we love shutters

Shutters are not only stylish, but they are also highly functional and offer a way of blocking out both the sunlight and the view from outside, in. With fixed shutters providing limited privacy even while open, at the same time as allowing light to flood in in a stylish and homely manner, our selection of interior shutters are perfect for hallways and living spaces, as well as those rooms which face out onto pavements or public areas that you want to shield your home from.

When you decide to close your shutters, the accessible pole makes it easy to quickly close the full set – or find the right balance for you between open and closed. Infinitely versatile in the way they block and shield the light, shutters are perhaps the most home-friendly window coverage solution in terms of allowing you to create and control the ambience in the room.

And then we come to the diverse range of shutters available, which can instantly and effectively transform the aesthetic of your room depending on the colour, coverage, and size of your shutters.

Finding the perfect shutters for your home

One of the benefits that our clients find with shutters is that they present a refined and perfectly balanced solution to window coverage, which does not take up any more space than the window itself. Fixed inside the frame of the windows, shutters offer complete control over the light flow in and around your home, without distracting from the simple and modern surroundings of your interior space.

And best of all, here at Feran, our 50+ years of experience combined with our access to the best suppliers, manufacturers, and designs means that we can create custom-made shutters for every one of your windows and rooms. From giving you a choice of materials to giving you control of the budget, the colour scheme, and the accessibility and fixings of your shutters, when you work with Feran you get to design your home, your way.

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