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A picture perfect home in time for Christmas

With the cold weather well and truly upon us, our thoughts are turning to Halloween, to Bonfire Night, and ultimately to the festive season.

Here at Feran, Christmas isn’t just a time to hunker down at home and add a little festive spirit to our interior styling. It’s also about creating a cosy and welcoming setting which is warm and homely – perfect for family movie nights and for celebrating the joy of a season spent together. Which is where Feran comes in, offering a wide selection of blinds and curtains which don’t just frame those family nights in, but ensure that your windows are cosy, insulated, and well-contained all year round.

We love helping our customers create a picture perfect home in time for Christmas. But this year, you’ll have to be quick – and here’s why.

Why you’ll love investing in a window-dressing upgrade this Winter

There’s nothing better than drawing the curtains at the start of a Christmas movie or opening your blinds in the morning to reveal the white canvas of a snow day. Gifting yourself a brand new window dressing this Christmas means that you will be able to create a picture perfect day, keeping your family and festive guests warm with added insulation, and ensuring that they are all impressed by the effortless style of your home.

In addition to keeping your neighbour’s glaring Christmas lights out at night and keeping the warmth of your central heating or fire in during the colder days, new curtains are a great way to refresh your entire home. By investing in a new window dressing now, whether it be flowy floor length curtains or neat slatted blinds, you’ll find that when the decorations do come down in January, you’re ready to embrace the new year in style.

Without further ado, here are our festive opening hours. Save them, write them down, or take a screenshot to avoid disappointment or late ordering this festive season!

Feran’s festive opening hours

We will be closed from Sunday 24th December 2023 until Monday 1st January 2024.

If you want to order blinds or have new curtains made to measure, then we recommend doing so as early as possible. This is one of our busiest periods, with both tailormade and made-to-measure blinds and curtains requiring extra time to perfect and get right for you.

For specific order dates and questions, get in touch with us directly. We will be open again as normal from Tuesday 2nd January, at 9.30am.

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