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3 Quick Ways to Update Your Home in 2024

Make 2024 the year of quick updates and cost-effective interior upgrades, with our pick of three of the most efficient changes that you can make to transform your home.  

With full renovations and redesigns coming at a high price, both in terms of financial cost and time, many homeowners may be wondering what they can do to quickly inject a new lease of life into a room of their home. Here are three of our favourite solutions, from the team at a leading blinds & curtain supplier in Essex.

1. Install Neutral-Coloured Roman Blinds

When in doubt, opt for neutral colours and more unique textures.

Having worked with countless clients across homes of all different shapes and sizes, neutrally toned Roman blinds tend to be the most versatile and timeless in terms of their aesthetic design – complimenting any and every interior scheme, while adding the practical benefits of an interesting texture and extra insulation.

With Roman blinds folding up into themselves when opt, and extending downwards over your windows, keeping the colour palette neutral is also a good way of ensuring that closed blinds do not make your home feel smaller, and this also enables you to introduce other colours within the accessories in your room.

2. Match Your Window Dressing to Your Interior Fabrics

Looking for a quick but effective refresh for a new season?

Then consider this a sign to match your blinds or curtains with the interior fabrics dotted throughout your home or specific room!
You can be as flexible with this as you like, opting for a more permanent match across sofas and chairs, or keeping it versatile with cushions and rugs that can be more easily switched in and out as preferred.

What this link between your windows and soft furnishings does, whether it’s matching curtains or fabric blinds, is ensure that the room feels put-together and cohesive in design. Not to mention, it’s a quick and easy way of updating the material finishes in your home without trying to mix and match countless different textures and finishes.

3. Motorise Blinds to Make Natural Light More Accessible

One of the biggest sticking points that we find in modern homes, particularly those with high-set windows and vast expanses of glass, is that once homeowners have blinds installed, they never open them.

Why? Because the difficult in reaching blinds to manually open and close them everyday is hard work – with homeowners preferring to keep them closed and simply turn on an electric light instead.

What they don’t consider though, is the impact that this has on their interior environment and how bright their home feels. That’s why one of the best things to do to transform your inside space is to install motorised blinds, that can be opened and closed with incredible ease – day and night!

For more tips like these, and to access any of the solutions suggested in this blog, get in touch with the team at Feran: your local blinds & curtain supplier in Essex.

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