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Mayfair Full Cassette Awning

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A Truly Versatile Choice

Here at Feran, we’re delighted to introduce the Mayfair Full Cassette Awning to our range. Perfect for a wide range of properties, this awning will truly transform the exterior of your home or business premises. Made to meet your exact requirements and available in a huge range of fabrics, it’s easy to see why it’s already a firm favourite with our customers.

Durable Construction and Design

Featuring a fully cassetted system, the fabric and mechanical components of the awning are housed within a protective casing when retracted. This extends their lifespan and ensures optimal performance for many years to come. This awning has been engineered to endure harsh weather conditions too, so you can use it all year round. Given all the Great British weather can have in store, this is nothing short of essential.

Total Customisation

We know how important it is that your new awning blends in with the rest of your property, which is why the Mayfair Full Cassette Awning comes in both white and anthracite grey. You can also take your pick from over 100 fabrics. This allows you to design an awning that really is the perfect fit for your property. Whether you are looking for something understated or want to embrace vibrant colours and patterns, our team will be able to bring your vision to life.

Integrated LED Lights and Motion Sensor

You can also enjoy built-in LED lights at no extra cost. By integrating lights directly into the awning structure, the need for messy wires and any extra installation work is eliminated. This simplifies the entire process and helps to create a sleek, streamlined look for your new awning.

The Mayfair Full Cassette Awning also includes a wireless battery-operated motion sensor. Again, this is included in the price – making this a truly incredible investment for any property.

Easy Motorised Operation

Forget about needing to adjust your awning manually; the Mayfair Full Cassette Awning comes fully motorised. At the push of a button, you can easily extend or retract the canopy. Whether you are looking to adjust the amount of shade on your patio or you’re a busy business owner retracting the awning at the end of a long day, the motorised mechanism makes the process so much easier.

Straight Valance Included

The Mayfair Full Cassette Awning comes with a 200mm straight valance, which attaches neatly along the front edge of the canopy. This nicely finishes off the canopy – and best of all, it requires no extra cost. We’re passionate about giving our customers the best possible value for money, and we’ve been committed to this ever since we started trading in 1969.

A Large Size Range

Last but not least, the Mayfair Full Cassette Awning is a great option for properties of all sizes. It can stretch across widths reaching up to 7 metres in a single piece, eliminating unsightly seams and allowing you to create a beautiful, unified look for your home or business.

Find Out More

To find out more about the Mayfair Full Cassette Awning and if it could be right for your property, please do get in touch with us today. We would love to hear from you!

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